High 5 games and Playtech, a winning combination

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Author: Betcity24 International | November 20, 2012

High 5 games and Playtech, a winning combination The summits of “High 5 Games” and “Playtech” reached an historic agreement in Barcelona in the last month. The two gambling giants, (the former terrestrial, the latter leader of the online sector), decided to join their strengths: so, Playtech will develop the online casino version of some of the most famous H5G games. However, the particulars of the agreement have not already been disclosed at the moment.

As we put together two forces like “High 5 Games” and “ Playtech” software, the result is definitely something great. The agreement reached between these two firms will provide a batch of new games for online casinos due to the professional experience of the companies which have been operating in the gambling field for many years. The announcement was made in the last few days by the “High 5 Games Chief” Executive Officer, Anthony Singer, who has expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration with Playtech. This collaboration, in fact, will provide on the web many games that have made “High 5 Games” history in the terrestrial casinos of the world. The titles which will be developed through such agreement haven’t been disclosed, but the announcement will be made soon. Remember that among the best online casinos which use the Playtech software there are Bet365.

From terrestrial to online casinos

"One of the main purposes of H5G has always been the increase of online players, and we think that this agreement will be a crucial first step towards the attainment of this objective", Mr. Singer explained. Although, as said above, the particulars of the agreement have not been disclosed, we know for sure that Playtech will turn some “High 5 Games” great classics into online casino games.

"We are proud to work with “High 5 Games” which has established itself as one of the best gaming designers in this sector” the “Playtech” Chief Executive Officer, Mor Weizer, answered. He also added that "this partnership would allow Playtech to continue providing cutting-edge products to all our partners”. The agreement was formalized during the EiG (European iGaming Congress) summit in Barcellona.

“High 5 Games” Chief Operating Officer, Med Nadooshan, added that the collaboration with Playtech would allow his company to expand itself and introduce his games to a lot of new players from all over the world. Furthermore, Nadooshan wanted to praise Playtech: according to the H5G manager, Playtech has established itself as one of the best online operators in the world.

High 5 Games and Playtech

People hanging out at online casinos know Playtech very well. Playtech is a company which has been operating in this field since 1999 and it had such a big success that it became one of the most important operators in the world, along with Microgaming. In fact, Playtech provides emlpoyment for more than 2,000 people in 5 countries.

“High 5 Games”, on the other hand, was founded in 1995 and it has mainly dealt about terrestrial casino games, though in the recent years it has started developing its own online target. H5G created lots of games that can be found in the casinos from all continents. Video slots are the real “flagships” of this company.

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