This is Vegas when the winnings are not paid by the casino

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Author: Betcity24 International | September 22, 2012

This is Vegas when the winnings are not paid by the casino “This Is Vegas Casino”, an online casino which uses Rival software; it denied its players to withdraw a huge winning, pleading players’ problems on another online casino. This is such absurd that it provoked a strong reaction within the online gamblers’ community. Of course, Rival Powered has no guilt.

Some months ago a regrettable event has happened; only in the last days it hit the headlines in the online casinos’ world. In fact, it seems that a player won a good amount playing at “This Is Vegas” (abbreviated as TIV) online casino, but he couldn’t enjoy the fruits of his labour for some odd and illogical reason.

Currently the question is far from being solved, but it’s worth explaining its details so that the players are aware of the situation they may experience with “This Is Vegas”. It is to be premised that the software on which Rival casino stands isn’t guilty of anything.

This Is Vegas, the affair

In early March 2010, a player opens an account on TIV, deposits 1000 dollars and starts to play at Heavy Weight Gold, an online slot machine (his favourite game) set in the boxing world. He plays at a rate of 20 dollars and, once 5000 dollars are reached, he increases his stake, wagering 50 per spin. With a bit of luck, which never comes amiss when we play at the online slots, he guess a  formidable combination and he reaches 30,000 dollars, deciding to increase his wagering up to 100 dollars (amount then permitted, but today  the maximum amount per spin is lower than before).

The player eats up winnings and decides to stop as his account reports 83,000 dollars. At that point, he decides to withdraw his winnings, tries to connect to TIV but his account has been blocked. Asking information, they say that, since his opened account on Sloto’Cash encountered problems, the incontrovertible decision of TIV management is to withdraw money on his account, paying no sum to him.

Problems on Sloto’Cash

It seems that this player had encountered some problems on Sloto’Cash for a no better specified situation of collusion: his VIP account had been closed, though he could start playing again. So, the player opened an account on TIV and he found such a huge winning that he couldn’t withdraw; the question is the following: when an online casino accepts a player, then it can’t forbid his winnings pleading the difficulties encountered on another online gambling website. Once the player is allowed to deposit, there’s no reason why he shouldn’t be allowed to withdraw the winning as well; at worst they would rather forbid him directly to register in order to avoid welcoming a potentially “fraudulent” player. Since in TIV’s “Terms and Conditions” there’s no point stating that the casino has the faculty to block the account of a player involved in illicit operations before registering, it doesn’t make sense that TIV now forbid those 83,000 dollars to the concerned player.

Rival Powered, undisputed reliability

Obviously Rival Powered, producer of the software used also by TIV, doesn’t have anything to do with the problems mentioned above. You can’t tar everyone with the same brush: cases like this may happen, but software producers or online gambling itself are not responsible, because the responsibility is only of people who manage a small number (fortunately) of online casinos. Whoever appreciates Rival software can play in all comfort on Black Diamond, Box 24 and Sloto’Cash.

This is Vegas in the Blacklist ?

At the moment, “This is Vegas” is reported on our blacklist also because this is the second negative TIV affair. Some years ago, in fact, it has some problems connected to a non-payment of a winning ($ 80) to a player. We advise people not to wager their money in this casino (TIV) until the question - in legal terms - won’t be fully concluded and spelt out.

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