Maxima casino disappears without warning

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Author: Betcity24 International | September 04, 2012

Maxima casino disappears without warning Suddenly, with no warning to users, Maxima Casino has practically disappeared. Nevertheless, the staff who managed this casino still operates and it even opened another online casino called Class 1 Casino. Watch out for this team of Slovenian managers that seemed very far from being a group of reliable and serious workers.

Since some day, Maxima Casino doesn’t exist anymore. The html code of the domain corresponds with two lines. The online casino has been inserted in online casinos’ black list. No feedback email has been sent neither to players nor to webmaster collaborators about the strategies and choices for the future undertaken by the ex online casino. Players and people who worked for this brand are really disappointed. However, Maxima Casino staff didn’t break up, on the contrary, it opened a new online casino called Class 1 Casino. We’d like to warn the users, particularly less expert users, so that they avoid playing on this new online casino. It has changed display window, yet it still conserves its “puppet masters” behind all this phantom society.

Who are the “puppet masters” of “Class 1 Casino” ?

The puppet musters are a team of Slovenians, already accused in past for having managed in the same way the famous SOLEI casino that, for some people, would have quitted its activity for bankruptcy. After a small and simple analysis of the physical residence of this new Internet domain resulted that the domain residence is in Slovenia, exactly in its capital, Ljubljana. This analysis has been possible thanks to the domain registration service whose ICANN Registrar è KEY-SYSTEMS GMBH ( Notice that the SSL Cert certification is the same as that of the old management, namely Also server names (name server) are still the same, namely “nameserver:” and “nameserver:”.

The following addresses have been listed publicly for contact in case of necessity:

  • Office managers:
    Vojko Zivec e Peter Reinhardt
  • Address:
    Xenya d.o.o - Celovska 172 – SI/1000 Ljubljana (Slovenia)
  • Email:

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