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Author: Betcity24 International | August 04, 2014

Online casino High RollersHigh rollers are gamblers who wager larger amounts of money than average. These gamblers bet big and can be considered online professional gamblers. As a result, high rollers usually receive a lot of attractive bonuses at the online casinos.

Though he’s not a popular figure in England and Usa, the high roller is well-known in those countries where online gambling has a long history. Moreover, high rollers are incredibly admired by online casino fans In short, a high roller is a casino player whose bankroll is bigger than average. A bankroll is the amount of money that is available for the player’s use at the casino. High roller-dedicated services and promotions offering special high roller or gambler-oriented bonuses and tournaments are available at the online casinos.

Gambling as a profession

Lots of players have recently quit their job to start working as professional gamblers at the casinos. In fact, online gambling is now more popular than before. Professional gambling is the choice of many high rollers who invest a big sum playing a certain amount of time per day or per week. The casino arcade is just like their “workplace”. Poker players have been the first example of professional gamblers in England and Usa: brought to success by gambling-based websites and trade magazines, many poker players are famous all over the world. However, a lot gamblers have recently decided to work also as roulette or slot professional gamblers, since they are skillful and lucky players.

High roller-dedicated bonuses and promotions

As previously said, high rollers get special treatment at the casinos. In fact, high rollers bet big and bring a lot of money, as well as being a good example for those players who wish to reach high levels and have more fun. In an attempt to lure those gamblers, a constantly-increasing number of online casinos decide to offer high roller-dedicated bonuses and promotions. Please notice that promotions such as vip clubs or special bonuses like “high roller bonuses” require extraordinarily big sums and they are not always accessible to everyone.

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