How live casinos work ?

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Author: Betcity24 International | August 04, 2014

How live casinos work ?Live casinos are the growing trend of virtual entertainment. These casinos employ state-of-the-art technology, so that the connected home players can interact with human croupiers in real time through realistic images and sounds. What is more, the croupiers are the casino table managers. In the opinion of many, live (or onlive) casinos are the future of online gambling.

With the introduction of creative, new products, cutting-edge technology has changed gambling industry. Better defined as "onlive", live gaming has become very popular in most virtual arcades, a mixture of virtual and real entertainment improved by the use of webcam and high-definition cameras; sitting in front of his computer, the user may play popular online casino classic games (typically blackjack and roulette) with a real croupier who manages the table. Now, let's see how live casinos work.

Webcam experience

Table, croupier and user are connected via webcam, high-definition video cameras that stream images in real time, displaying the various areas of the casino table. Every live casino table provides three videocameras, and the images are delivered in PiP (picture-in-picture) mode, 360 monitoring each different game item (table, wheel, carpet, etc).

These videocameras use PTZ (Pan, Tilt and Zoom) technology, a system that allows for continuous viewing of a subject without any interruption, so that the gaming action is constantly monitored and the wheel of fortune cheaters (Roulette game) or the card cheaters (Blackjack game) are immediately catched.

Gaming Control Unit

GCU, on the other hand, is like an air-plane's black box; located under the table of any casino game, it works like a real mini-processor, elaborating and delivering data to the online casino. In addiction, CGU records the videocamera's shots and sends information to the croupier. Finally, GCU syncronizes the video and manages the virtual arcade server connections.

Both Blackjack and Roulette live casino games are provided with special sensors that allow the player to track in real time the wagers of the connected home players so that the player feels like being in front of a real croupier that will announce the winning hand.

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