How casinos enter the blacklist

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Author: Betcity24 International | August 04, 2014

Blacklist: how casinos enter the blacklistThere is an online casinos’ blacklist that, for some reason, are considered unsafe. The five main reasons for which a casino is considered suspect are: lack of license, site hosted in United States, problems with the payout, lack of an appropriate customer service and many complaints concerning bonus fraud.

In the online gambling world there are not just black books for unfair players. There is also a black list appositely created for the online casinos. In this blacklist are listed all those casinos that have somewhat encountered problems with their own clients (the players), problems whose nature may vary, as for example non-payments or unjustified delays, or invalid certifications, or never obtained permissions to operate online gambling. All these hitches cause legal matters not only for online casino owners, but also for the webmasters.

The main reasons for which a casino may enter a blacklist are:

  • 1) Lost license (License to operate in an online casino) There are online casinos that work without a regular license. Of course, playing in one of these online casinos is the less safe thing you can do, because lack of license means complete lack of safety.
  • 2) Site hosted in the United States (which is currently illegal) The regulations in force in the US clearly forbid that online casinos have its own legal headquarters in the US territory. Any online casino that doesn’t match this requirement is considered illegal.
  • 3) The casino encountered some problem with the payouts (This casino has had payout problems in the past) Any online casino that encountered payout problems is    in the blacklist. Lost or delayed payouts bother the players and they are usually a sign of the online casino manager’s dishonesty.
  • 4) The casino doesn’t provide an appropriate customer service (This casino does not provide adequate customer support) The customer service is one of the main points of every online casino. The online casinos that don’t have an appropriate customer service accessible in different ways (via phone, e-mail, chat, etc.) and, if possible, available 24/7, may risk to be inserted in the blacklist.
  • 5) Many complaints about bonus fraud (Numerous complaints for bonus scams)

When an online casino doesn’t follow bonus conditions that have to be expressed and justified in detail upon the execution of the bonus, naturally the customers make complaints. In case of repeated abuses in an unfair bonus management the online casinos involved will end up in the blacklist.

You can find on our site a page appositely created to signal the casinos ended up in the blacklist. Meanwhile, we can suggest our readers to withdraw money amounts deposited on one of these casinos at risk.

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