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Author: Betcity24 International | August 04, 2014

eCogra: web casinos’ safetyThe eCOGRA is a non-profit independent organization that protects the players who invest their money in betting sites, online casinos included. Thanks to its work, eCOGRA certifies the safety of many operators and also act as protection device for players’ rights and responsibilities.

eCOGRA is nothing but the acronym of e-Commerce Online Gambling Regulation and Assurance. This non-profit organization also monitors casinos on Internet and other online gambling operators, so that the players can play safely.

eCOGRA history

eCOGRA was founded in 2003 in the UK by three of the most famous online gaming industries in the world: Microgaming, Bwin and During its seven years of life eCOGRA has approved around 150 online gambling sites. This organization is completely self-financed and boasts the services of an Information Technology professional team.

eCOGRA organization and functions

Cureently, eCOGRA is headed by its President Andrew Beveridge and by the independent directors Frank Catania, Bill Galston, Bill Henbrey and Michael Hirst; in their past, all of them were professional figures in gambling safety. Finally, the board of directors counts also an, Microgaming and Bwin member, respectively John Anderson, Chris Hobbs and Olivier Eckel.

The eCOGRA has the purpose to: protect the players assuring gaming operators’ safe and responsible behaviour; inform the players about their own rights and responsibilities; set the standards for online gaming industries and check them through a monitoring and inspection operation; alert the players informing them on the safest online gambling sites, thanks to the eCOGRA certification displayed by all these websites on their homepage.

eCOGRA as legal protection mechanism

Furthermore, eCOGRA acts as an intermediary during the eventual disputes between the players and the online gambling operators. On its site there is an appropriate form that the player can fill in if he complaints against these sites officially approved by the eCOGRA itself. According to what the organization says, 4000 have been the controversies discussed: almost always, the player has finally succeeded over the operators.

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