Max Damage The Alien Attack

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Author Betcity24 International | July 31, 2014

Max Damage & The Alien Attack game With “Max Damage & The Alien Attack”, Microgaming definitely breaks the frontiers of traditional online slot machines. How exactly? Offering a product which is closer to the universe (now a little lost) of old arcade games. In fact, the player will be in the shoes of a space paladin who, by his spaceship, must get rid of the vessels of dangerous aliens.

We had just been talking about a possible “vintage” flavoured Microgaming title for some months. Considering what the renowned online casino games’ house production has made with the issue of “Max Damage & The Alien Attack”, we may think that this sort of Space Invaders’ remake (a great classic for gaming rooms that has always driven millions of teens crazy from all over the world) is the mysterious secret that Microgaming has kept until a few days ago. In fact, it’s a game with strong arcade characteristics that bring online slots’ world to a brand new level. Players who had experienced a Commodore 64 will find in “Max Damage & The Alien Attack” many features available in many different titles which have made the history of video gaming entertainment.

A bit of online slot, a bit of arcade

“Max Damage & The Alien Attack” is a very special game, composed of 9 levels and 3 bosses to beat. It’s a vertical scrolling game where the player must destroy a series of enemy spaceships driven by dangerous aliens. This nonconventional online slot boasts a very advanced graphic and sound quality: of course, you won’t play a pixel game like the classic gaming very popular in the 80’s.

In this game 6 lives are available; they will last until the end of the nine levels. Of course, you will have to make some stakes, and winnings won’t be counted according to the exit of symbols, but they will be quantified according to the scores made by the player through the destruction of alien spaceships. In order to help the player during his mission, in “Max Damage & The Alien Attack” you will find expansions, bonuses and all you need for increasing your winning chances.

A few examples? More powerful missiles, wormholes and nuclear warheads. In addiction, more bonus lives, spaceship healing, more resistant shields. In short, this game mixes the traditional arcade fun to the typical online slots’ opportunity: winning rich prizes.
"Max Damage & The Alien Attack” is very different from the classic slot machines", Roger Raatgever, the CEO of Microgaming, said. "We are very excited by the potential of this new arcade gaming style. We at Microgaming are always searching for new innovative ways. Old bar games’ fans won’t be let down". Moreover, we can win up to 10,000 coins by destroying an alien, and up to 110,000 coins by getting rid of one of the three bosses you will find every three levels.

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