Vegas Strip Blackjack

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Author Betcity24 International | July 31, 2014

Vegas Strip Blackjack gameVegas Strip Blackjack is played in many Las Vegas casinos. It is named for the fact that the game was developed in casinos of the famous Las Vegas Strip in the center of town. The rules of Vegas Strip Blackjack are easy to apply and simple to follow.

“Vegas Strip Blackjack” is a Blackjack version called after the most famous stretch of Las Vegas, The Strip. This game has nothing to do with striptease (see “Strip Poker”).

“Vegas Strip Blackjack” is played with four 52-card decks with the jokers removed; the decks are shuffled before every new round or hand. The hand starts when the player has placed his bet.

Afterwards, the dealer draws one face-down and one face-up card for himself and two face-up cards for the player. When his face-up card is an ace or a 10 valued card the dealer checks immediately if he has a blackjack. If the dealer has a blackjack the hand is over and the player loses his original bet; however, the hand is declared a push if the player matches the dealer’s hand with his own blackjack.

On the other hand, it is possible to draw other 9 cards without exceeding 21 in “Vegas Strip Blackjack”. The dealer must not draw another card if he has a “soft 17”; a “soft 17” occurs when the score is composed of an ace or one or more cards lower than 6.

The player, on the other hand, may double down on every initial combination in “Vegas Strip Blackjack” and the sum of his first two cards doesn’t have to be 9, 10 or 11. It is possible to split our hand twice in “Vegas Strip Blackjack”, even if our cards have the same value but a different denomination (for example, a queen and a ten). You may also double down after splitting.

Double down and splitting rules are the same applied to other Blackjack versions. You may split aces, too, but if you draw a face card you won’t have a blackjack, only a 21 hand. Moreover, you may get only one additional card for each of the two new hands after splitting aces: then the player will have to stand regardless of his score.

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