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There are two types of Kalibra credit cards: "disposable" and the "rechargeable".

The disposable prepaid Kalibra runs on the Visa Electron circuit. it can be purchased at any Sisal point or Tobacconists authorized to sell it.

Getting a Kalibra card requires a minimum of 30 € (+ 5 € fee) up to a maximum of 500 €.

The card can be used both in italy and abroad, in order to make online purchases or in any retailer (including refuelling*) accepting Visa Electron payments.

Once the balance has been consumed, the credit card must be thrown away and cannot be reutilized.

Very interesting, it is possible to buy Kalibra without being associated with any bank account. This ensures customers and effected transactions’ anonymity.

For this and other reasons Kalibra is great to open accounts in online casinos and, in some cases, even to withdraw. However, it is remarkable that not every casino allows money withdrawal through disposable prepaid cards.

This rechargeable credit card runs on the Visa Electron circuit and can be purchased at any office of Banco Popolare’s branches, presenting a valid identity iD and tax code.

How can i deposit on my Kalibra card ?

At the time of purchase, at the Sisal point or Tobacconist, your dealer will ask you how much money you want to put on your Kalibra disposable prepaid card. The minimum charge is 30 € (+ 5 € fee) up to a maximum of 500 €.

On the other hand, the "Rechargeable"(the other type of card) can be charged with a minimum of 30 € (+5 € commissions) up to a maximum of 3000 €, using one of these methods:

  • Banco Popolare Group ATMs
  • ATMs subscribing to the “Qui Multibanca” circuit
  • Bank transfer from any bank
  • Sisal pointsl

How can i spend or withdraw money from my Kalibra card ?

Owners of a "disposable" prepaid Kalibra can withdraw at any ATM subscribing to MasterCard and Visa circuits both in italy and abroad. Otherwise, it is possible to make fund transfer request from your card to your account.

Owners of "Rechargeable" Kalibra can purchase only in retails or internet sites accepting ViSA Electron. Money can't be collected via ATM.

Transferring option is for free.

in order to transfer your old Kalibra card remaining balance into a new credit card, you can use this option. This could be very useful in case you lose your card, thus blocking the old card without losing money still left on it.