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Located in San Francisco with offices in Europe, Asia, Australia, Latin America and Canada, IGT - International Game Technology is the world leader that supplies terminals and software for slot machines.

The history of IGT is now thirty-years old: it was born in 1981 as a brand specialized in the supply of gaming machines and systems for casinos, in the long run, IGT has become a name as a specialized provider of solutions for online gambling. In 1984, IGT introduced the idea of computerized monitoring of players, which is fundamental for a lot of technologies that are included in video-terminals of poker and slot machines. An integrated system with powerful instruments of marketing, which has given birth, in the long run, to famous titles like Red White &Blue and Double Diamond slots.

From here, the history of IGT is full of success: in 1991, it enters in the list of titles of the New York Stock Exchange;in 1993, it lands on the Japanese market and the ‘riverboat gambling is legalized in the States. The next year it makes a name for itself in South Africa and Argentina and it sees the birth of the most popular progressive slot game of all time, Wheel of Fortune. The nineties end with important acquisitions: Barcrest Gaming and Sodak Gaming, Inc. The new millennium begins instead with the entry in the list of 500 best quoted companies by Standard &Poor's and with the acquisition of Silicon Gaming, Anchor Gaming and Acres Gaming. In 2004, the company introduces its Central Determination System (CDS) and the II Class bingo games. In 2005, IGT acquires Wagerworks, a productive firm of software in San Francisco, that is famous also for the development of Monopoly online version. It is launched the first progressive multi-level megajackpot and, in order to exploit an increasing global market, a lot of offices are opened in Russia, Mexico and Macao.

The innovation concerns also monitors;thanks to the Advanced Video Platform (AVP) system, players begin to play in full screen, in streaming video live, with animations, realistic colours and stereo sounds. In 2006, a management software for table games, some RFID (radio frequency identification devices) systems, an electronic monitoring of chips, some computer systems and the obtaining of bonuses were introduced. In the same year, software in multi-player version for roulette and baccarat arrives. The Company continues to expand in Asia, it aims at the development of 3D gaming technology (REELdepth licence with Multi-Layer Display) and it appears firmly among the 25 companies with the best performances in the Stock Market of New York. The year 2007 will be remembered for the biggest realized win: 18.8 millions of dollars have been won in a slot machine in the Pahrump Nugget Casino in Nevada.

Meanwhile, IGT opts for sb Service Window technology, which allows the owners of casinos to interact with players, to see their performances, set a welcome bonus and some offers, promotions and branded services and, in 2008, it launches the eBay video slots, based on the popular online shopping service. They offer a game system of community with bonuses and free games. At the beginning of 2009, IGT announces it has acquired some operating assets of Progressive Gaming International Corporation (PGIC) and it opens an office at Beijing, in China, that is specialized in development of game and system software, technical services, support and training. The multi-level progressive slot of Star Wars is introduced, the first one with bonuses of group play.

I.G.T. casinos

In this table you can find the list of the casinos using I.G.T. software.

Sort casinos:
# Rank Casino Review Youtube Trailer Certified Payout Welcome Bonus Software License Vote Betcity24 Go
1 Betfred Betfred Youtube Technical Systems Testing 100% up to 200£ I.G.T Gibraltar flag 3d mini 8.15 go
2 MoneyGaming MoneyGaming Youtube Technical Systems Testing 100% up to 150£ I.G.T Alderney flag 3d mini 8.14 go

Services offered

The core business of IGT ranks in demand of operational services in order to manage every aspect of gambling. These features offer:

  • Multilingual Customer Service (for operators and end users), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  • Secure and easy payment solutions, thanks to user friendly systems that are in packages;
  • Fraud-proof platforms and security measures, advanced and updated;
  • Web business expansion plan with the ability to support more than 20 languages;
  • Availability of experienced web designers to design or redesign customized solutions for operators
  • Dedicated hosting service, for safe operations;

IGT Casino: features of the package

  • A software architecture with the best of premium casino contents without the need to change eGaming existing platforms of single casinos;
  • A simplified integration platform;
  • More than 100 of the most exciting and efficient games, that are developed according to the highest standard of algorithms calculation;
  • A graphic display screen with data analysis to increase the frequency of play and the loyalty of the players;
  • Dedicated Manager Accounts, personalized marketing services with real-time reporting;

Range of Games and software features

Beside famous titles around the world such as Monopoly, Cluedo, Wheel of Fortune and Star Trek, IGT launches new content constantly updated monthly, which are localized in 20 languages and about 30 different currencies. The most developed segment is undoubtedly the slot machines one, but there are a lot of different fields in which IGT is the leader:

  • Board Games. In this category stands out Blackjack that is designed according to tables of the best casinos in Las Vegas. A truly exciting experience, with side bets and innovative features that allow operators to maximize gains making a client a faithful customer;
  • Roulette. Here, there is a superb graphics, with a realistic sound in all phases of the game. Several variants are available as Roulette Triple Spin Bonus, which allows you to triple a single bet on three wheels focusing on speed and ease of play;
  • Video Poker. It is not a coincidence that IGT is the world's leading provider of video poker for real casinos: the quality is the basis of the service. So, today there are 9 different versions of online video poker, that allow you to manage excellently gaming activities of every single player, thanks to the calculation of performances, profits and capital gains through a patented multi-format system. In the future, new software version of video poker in mobile gaming version are expected;
  • Instant Win Games. We start by revisiting the classic Keno, Krazy Keno Superball, where, thanks to an extra bonus ball, you can double your jackpot. Then, you can go on to Monopoly One-a-Roll, which moves on the rollers all the action of the classic board game and a variety of instant win games at a fixed share in a variety of topics, including King Arthur and the London Underground;
  • Mobile Games. Pioneers in the industry, these types of IGT start with eight years of experience in the specializing development of software for mobile casino and sports betting. Today the business has focused on slot games in HTML5, the language more compatible with the device on commerce that is able to offer the user a truly amazing audio and video experience. All games on smart-phones and tablet version can be branded and integrated into existing platforms;
  • Video terminals. First of all the design is important, because terminals must integrate better in environments where they are placed. So a great emphasis is given on style and functionality, keeping in mind what the player has in mind when he wants to have fun. Easy to manage, flexible, and all based on server-based architecture, the latest generation of terminals (the G20 and G23) are thinner and lighter;

IGT Network Systems: an integrated system of services management

An integrated system of installations and terminals solutions is fundamental for the success of the company. IGT Network System platform is based on:

  • The greatest efficiency - Manage your base of players with management system of IGT Advantage casino;
  • Ease of identification and communication - Every campaign is managed using business intelligence and specific software;
  • ROI Optimization – The return on investment is guaranteed, with SBX platform, in fact, you can reduce costs while the participation of players increases;
  • Consolidation of operations - Using Casinolink IGT plan, a fully integrated system, operators can penetrate international markets

The SBX Platform

Optimizing the ROI and reducing operational costs of single components is what that SBX platform proposes. Connectivity, flexibility, ease of use are the keywords of an integrated platform that is designed to keep up with changing needs of players and earnings times of operators.

These are synthetically SBX advantages:

  • Customizable contents according to needs of market;
  • Design and implementation of new applications and services for services window;
  • Game system based on open protocols GSA-to-System (G2S) and System-to-System (S2S);
  • Implementation strategies sharpened for all world markets;

IGT Advantage

The most complete solution of gaming business in the market is called IGT Advantage and it provides instruments that are necessary to manage casino platform, to increase and retain customers and, of course, maximize the gains. IGT Advantage integrates SBX Dynamix to reach new levels of dynamic management of the casino through a customized solution of modular plan.

IGT Casinolink

To maintain and check all game activities, monitoring the management of slot machines, table games, single betting accounts, marketing operations. IGT Casinolink is an integrated but modular platform: in accordance with the reference customer base, it grows and provides solutions to implement gains, always maintain an high consideration for all aspects of licensing and responsible gaming.

IGT Tournament Manager

With the aim of redesigning the tournament experience, this management gives you a full control of registered players, of scores and event in programme. Individual games can be easily transformed into tournament mode when and how you wish it;this thing provide gamers a breathtaking experience made of customized themes and visualizations in real-time of graphic scores.

Marketing solutions

An offer in the forefront couldnt leave out of consideration from properly designed marketing services, to make the most of the eGaming business. In particular, Online Marketing, with SEO optimization and with Pay-Per-Click campaigns, is today the most economical solution and the one with greater ROI. Much importance is also given, however, to Marketing Offline, with a package that includes radio and television advertisements, print campaigns and ads. Mix marketing can be ameliorated with software for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), which includes detailed reporting with user profiles, internal messaging system, Affiliates VIP player module of management.

The management of Affiliate network in particular is based on world level services in order to administer your networks of directs with connected operations, applications of management utility and analytical reporting.

Head Office

  • IGT Las Vegas
  • 6355 South Buffalo Drive
  • Las Vegas, NV 89113-2133
  • United States
  • Website: