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Online e-wallets are a money transfer method from/to the game accounts of the online casino games most popular at the moment. Giants like Moneybookers and Paypal have millions of customers from all over the world, and they use e-wallets not only for fun like online casino activities, but also for purchases, payments in general, any kind of financial transaction. E-wallets’ success has been possible because they are easy to use and show other security standards that, through a data encryption system, reduces to zero the risks that some malicious user gets the user’s sensitive data.

Depositing money with e-wallets in the online casinos

All you have to do is fill a short data form in order to deposit your money with e-wallets in online casinos that you can generally find in a casino lobby. Once you have linked your e-wallet to the casino, you’ll have to type the sum you want to deposit. Usually, the online casino keeps the selected parameters in its memory, so that it won’t be necessary anymore to type the same data starting from the second deposit. Every online casino has deposit limits, also valid for e-wallets: you can’t deposit less or more than a certain sum.

Withdrawing money with e-wallets in the online casinos

The withdrawals performed through e-wallets in the online casinos are simple and fast, too. The dynamics are the same, but this time the procedure is different: money passes from the online casino’s game account to the e-wallet’s account. In this case there are minimum and maximum withdrawal limits, established not only by the casino, but also by the e-wallet. E-wallets’ laws, in fact, include a transfer ceiling, which is usually monthly or quarterly.

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Citadel allows its customers to deposit and easily transfer money into your myCitadel wallet directly from your bank. In addition, you can easily transfer cash into your bank account whose headquarters are in the United States or in Canada.


Cirrsus, Maestro

Click2Pay is an electronic e-wallet based in Germany. it is easy to use, trusted and fast to make transitions to\from online casino websites, Bingo, poker and sports betting, but also to pay online merchants around the world or to download music.



One of the leader systems in Europe, ClickandBuy is an easy and secure online payment system through which you can pay more than 14,000 suppliers around the world. Users sign up for free logging in with their name, address and bank or credit card details, but they can retrieve premium contents through a prepaid account.



EcoCard Ltd is a European technology company authorized and governed by the FSA (Financial Services Authority) as an electronic money issuer and it attends to find alternative ways to common payment solutions. Since 1999, it has been offering services for online payment.



EntroPay Virtual VISA Card is a virtual visa card available for anyone worldwide. It can be used for online purchases, but also offline, in all sales outlets accepting VISA. It is not associated with a bank account and the expenditure ceiling is limited to the amount loaded onto the card.